Catching Souls

I am not a writer. Before now, I have never considered starting a blog. I actually have always despised writing and I think that is because I am simply not good at it. My friend Steph recently told me, “You are so good at writing” which I was surprised and flattered until she followed with, “You should have been a lawyer”. Who wants to read that? That sounds ridiculously boring. Right? I will not put down words that sound like art or poetry. So if you are looking for that–you are in the wrong place. If the grammar is awful, the punctuation wrong, or the writing just plain terrible, I am truly sorry.

Why now am I starting this blog?

Nine months ago my life changed when I received an invitation. Not an invitation in the mail or an Evite, but an invitation from the world, an invitation from God. It was more like this, than the invitation you might be picturing in your head. It wasn’t one singular moment in which I woke up, heard the voice of God from above, lightening striking,  and poof, I changed everything in my life. It was days, weeks and months, and I finally waved my white flag and surrendered. I’ll get more into the details of what the invitation exactly was in another blog. Sometimes I wish I had just said “yes” immediately, but I was scared.  I have 3 young children, my marriage, and our already-too-busy  life. I couldn’t imagine doing anymore than what I already had on my plate. I couldn’t imagine doing what was being asked of me. I never said, “no”, but I just couldn’t say “yes”, not for a long time. But God never gave up one me. {Thank You God} Everyday He was back with His plan. And so began my surrender and my journey.

Sometime between then and now I have been inspired by people who put their truth out to the world. They write beautifully honest words and bravely send them into the world for everyone and anyone who wants to enjoy them. I admire these people, these women, intensely.  I also find strength in their truth. They are not always feel good stories. Some are just plain painful and hard to read, but they are always honest. I’ve found the more I cling to their truths, the more people I connect with who speak their truth, the stronger I have become. I feel more connected to these women, to their truths, than I do to a lot of other things in the world. These connections were creating  links like you would see in a net, each connection or link making me stronger, building a net inside me which caught my soul. I kept coming back the Mother Teresa quote at the top of my blog, finally realizing I was living that. My soul was being caught by a net of love, and truth, which resulted in pure joy. My acupuncturist (Hi Jen!) once told me that they train experts to be able to recognize counterfeit money, by only studying real money. They never study the fakes, they study just real money. She said it’s the same with life, with people. This was life changing for me. It made me shift a lot of things in my life. Not putting any real energy into anything other than what I know to be true has been a powerful thing. It’s made me wonder, What if we all spoke our truths, like these women do,  for the world to read? If I am gaining so much from connecting with their honesty, it only made sense for me, at this point to begin to share the truth of my new journey.

 Nine months, one non-profit, 8 women brave enough to join me, an improved and closer relationship with God, a new obsession with Mother Teresa {I mean who doesn’t love her?}, and one huge commitment to love and compassion later… I am ready to share with you my journey, whoever the you might be. My friends, my family, my community, my world. It won’t be the best writing you’ve ever read , because I am a do-er more than I am a writer. But what I am doing, though small, I am doing with great love. {M.T.} Through the honesty of my own path I hope to inspire others, in some way, on their own path, whatever that might be. If I am able to make just one of those connections or links in a net that might catch a soul, this will have been good.

I have to admit sending my words out to the world is a bit scary, but if I have learned one thing in the past year, it is that scary is sometimes good. So here it goes…



PS If you want to read more about the women I speak of, telling their truths, you can read their stories here and here. These are just my faves. I promise to share more later. Enjoy.

23 thoughts on “Catching Souls

  1. Allison – I am so excited to follow your journey and so privileged to be a part of it. Thank you for including me, and all of us, in your net of love. I hope you recommend your best M.T. resources. You’re going places I’ve never been… I am so proud of you for doing all these scary and beautiful things. Once you’ve said, “Yes,” you never get to take it back, even if you want to, but hold on when it gets bumpy and it will all be okay… Sending love, Ali

    • Thank you Ali. As you can see you are definitely a part of my story and my journey :). How do you post so many things? Its nerve-racking! Does it get any easier? XOXO Thank you for reading. Miss you guys.

  2. So proud of you and all you add to my life through your words and friendship! I commend you on having the courage to share it with others and give them the opportunity to see things in the honest, loving and simple perspective you always see them in. Mother Teresa is smiling down :). May the universe send you back all the love and support you strive to send to others. Much love, support and Gratutude-S

  3. Allie!! What a wonderful surprise to see this in my inbox- I cannot wait to see where this journey will take you and am truly
    honored to have been invited along. I love you soooo much and am inspired by your bravery and conviction!! Xoox

  4. Looking forward to reading more about your journey, Allison. Fantastic start to what I am sure will be a wondefully inspirational blog. It truly sounds like your life has been touched in an awesome and spiritual way!! ❤

  5. I thought I left a comment already but maybe not. Maybe it will post twice. Anyway, Allison, love it! It is scary but worth it in the end!

  6. Hey, what’s so boring about being a lawyer! 😉 Seriously though, I applaud you for starting this blog. It is very scary to write the truth in your heart and soul, and baring it for the world to see. But your courage will touch others in a deep and profound way, and through your words of truth, you may be bringing change in their hearts too. Bravo!! -N

    • Okay, I am so eating my words on the lawyer thing. Steph already emailed me to further explain herself! HA! I DO NOT think being a lawyer is boring. I just think so low of my writing that I assume the worst, even in the compliments! I am working on it…. So touched that you read my blog Nana! Thank You. XO

  7. I’m so excited to follow your journey through the blogosphere. It will make the time in between seeing you that much sweeter. I admire all that you do as a woman, mother, friend, and human being. I can’t wait to see where this path will lead next. xoxo, p

  8. Just reading your blog again over my morning coffee. It was just the boost I needed to get me going. You inspire me everyday. I am lucky to call you a friend. Keep catching souls momma, you caught mine! XO

  9. Love it….I was told be a wise old woman, “For things to change, YOU have to change”. True, but not always easy. You’re taking more on and adding more to your already full plate but I have a feeling the return will be far greater than ever imagined! Best,

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